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Kelly is a Human Potential Epigenetic Coach and a certified expert in Transformational Biomarker Technologies. As a personal coach, she skillfully works with people’s DNA blueprint to optimize the body and mind through epigenetic lifestyle genomics. With her education in psychology, you benefit from the effective physical, emotional, mental, and energetic optimization techniques she uses with each client. She provides evidence based evaluations and actionable techniques to help clients move past their own blocks and limitations to live a truly optimized life.

Primary Profession:

Epigenetic Coaching, Functional Labs, Mind Body, Energy Therapies, Nutritional, Lifestyle, Diet, Health/Wellness Coaching, Mind/Body/Spirit approach to Health, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Spiritual Therapies, and Mind-Body Health Optimization

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The human system is complex, not complicated. Our current medical model treats the body like it’s complicated. And that’s where they go wrong. 

Each of us has a blueprint for how our body operates.  Your blueprint is unique to you. And very different from mine. I’ll help you uncover and understand your unique genetic blueprint. 

But I won’t stop there…

We know that stress, diet, sleep, movement, environment and even breathing influences how your genes interact with your body.

I’ll take you on an evidence based journey as we will go through my Gene Synergy™ process.  This will reveal your most powerful diet, personalized de-stress techniques, and best ways to get restorative sleep.

Wonder what supplements to take? I’ve got you covered! I help you discover it all through my Gene Synergy™ process. 

Best of all, it ALL fits into your personal lifestyle.  Forget one size fits all.  This is the personalized solutions we have been waiting for.

I help people understand their 23andMe results

And turn plans into action!
Understanding your genetic blueprint allows you to use science to know why you are doing something. It gives you more confidence, clears confusion, and improves your mental and physical wellness. You no longer have to settle for cookie cutter approaches to your wellness. I will help you progress forward as a healthy person.

Over the past 15+ years, I’ve owned wellness centers and been involved with the best, cutting edge technologies and health and lifestyle therapies. Today, I work with people who are ready to stop dieting, take their lifestyle to the next level, and be more of themselves than they ever have before. Commit to a healthier you.

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